Do you suffer from pain during sex or dryness of your intimate areas?



CO2RE® Intima is a quick, non-surgical in-office laser procedure to restore vaginal health. CO2RE Intima treats all 3 of a woman’s intimate areas – the vaginal canal, external vulva / labia, as well as the introitus, i.e., opening to the vaginal canal. CO2RE Intima uses laser energy to treat the changes and symptoms women may be experiencing related to vaginal wellness or appearance by:

Treating dryness, itching and pain

treat dryness
Restoring vulva and vaginal tone, flexibility

Restore vaginal tone
Relieving signs of childbirth and aging

Relieve sign of childbirth

Feminine Health

After childbirth, many women experience looseness of the vaginal canal and the introitus (opening of the vagina). Peri, menopausal and postmenopausal women often experience VVA (Vulvo Vaginal Atrophy), also known as GSM ( Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause) - characterized by symptoms of burning, itching, dryness, and painful intercourse. And regardless of age, as women get older many experience cosmetic changes to their genitalia – such as pigmentation and sagging of the vulva skin.

CO2RE Intima is for post child bearing and peri, menopausal and postmenopausal women who desire enhancement in sexual functioning and a better sexual experience, women who seek vaginal cosmetic improvement and women who want to feel more confident about their feminine health.

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