Did you know you can spread the cost of your treatment with affordable patient finance?

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Why a Zopa Loan?


Spread the cost of your treatment with affordable monthly payments
We have partnered with Zopa to help you spread the cost of the treatment you want.
With a range of finance terms available, we can provide an affordable payment plan to suit your budget.
It’s quick and easy to apply, and checking your rates won’t affect your credit score.

To apply all you need to have ready is:
✔ Your chosen Practice or Clinic  
✔ Your treatment choice
✔ The treatment cost


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•Our rates are often lower than the banks
•Checking your rates won't affect your credit score
•We approve over £2 million every day to people with a good credit history
•Simple online application – no paperwork through the post
•No early repayment fees, no hidden charges

Minimum criteria
At Zopa, borrowers must meet a number of minimum criteria in order to be eligible for a loan:
•Be at least 20 years old
•Have credit history we can see
•Have a good track record of repaying debt
•Be a current UK resident
•Have 3 years of address history in the UK
•Have an income (at least £12,000 per year, this could be a salary or pension)
•Be able to afford the loan (based on an assessment of their current financial commitments vs. income)

T&Cs/Principles -

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