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My name is Anouska Cassano and I started natural beauty enhancement because I am passionate about empowering people through increasing their feeling of self worth and belief in themselves. Throughout my life nothing has given me greater pleasure than being able to help those around me see how fantastic they can be and realise what a valuable contribution their lives can have.

Having worked with many leading professionals in high profile positions, one of the key lessons I have learned is that your success in life is directly related to the way you see yourself and the way you perceive that others see you.
I have seen so many people’s lives completely transformed through permanent makeup and medical camouflage applications and I am delighted to be able to make these treatments available to everyday people like you and I. Where once the type of work I do was the realm of the rich and famous, modern techniques and the creation of new medical standards and procedures means that these treatments are very safe and more affordable than ever.
Our primary focus at natural beauty enhancement will always be you, our clients. We will only work with individuals who are really sure they know what they want from our procedures, and we will always provide quality treatments using accredited products and working within the standards set by the industry’s regulatory bodies.
I work with a number of the UK’s leading surgeons in the fields of medical and reconstructive and hair transplant surgery. I am very proud to have been recently invited by the Royal College of Surgeons to share my techniques and work in the area of areola restoration and nipple re-pigmentation with a number of their breast and reconstructive surgeons.
In addition to my private work I voluntarily commit my professional time to the support group Look Good Feel Better

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