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Melissa is a registered nutritional therapist with a degree in nutritional therapy which means she understands from a scientific viewpoint how diet and lifestyle can impact on our underlying health. As a qualified Neuro Linguist Programming (NLP) Practitioner, she is also able to help patients work through any behavioural blocks that might be hindering them from making and sustaining healthy lifestyle choices.

In your Functional Medicine Consultation with Melissa, she will fill out a comprehensive questionnaire which looks at your general health, mental well-being and family history. There are also a number of tests she can offer to identify hormonal imbalances or food sensitivities. Based on the results she gathers, Melissa can offer a comprehensive supplement and nutritional plan that aims to bring you body back into balance.

At Wimpole Aesthetics, Melissa can also offer patients DNAFit which tests your genetic markers related to health and weight management.

Melissa has appeared in many magazines and newspapers and regularly writes articles on nutrition and weight management for health magazines.


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